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Team to report first -Settled on typically the first score of typically the game. Bets stand also if game is not necessarily completed. Double Result ~ A wager on typically the result at half-time in addition to full-time (i. e. at the end of 45 minutes plus injury time and 90 minutes plus injury time). Wagers will be refunded if the match is abandoned prior to the completion of 90 minutes play plus injury time. To Advance/To Lift the Trophy – Wager on a team in a soccer match to advance to the next level or round of competition. If a match takes place but is not completed as advertised (e. g. it is not a 90-minute match or is split into three periods, rather than two), all bets in the match will be refunded.

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Money will be refunded only if a player does not enter the field of play at casino games any stage. Team to score first – Settled on the first score of the game.

Length of frame/match 1. Bets will be settled on the time elapsed from the starting break to the end of the frame or match, whether through normal play or concession. All players that have taken part in the game before the next try is scored will be deemed runners. Next Tryscorer – Requires you to predict the player that will score the next try in the match. 80 minutes only (or the scheduled minutes in “7s”, “9’s” or “10’s” matches), unless otherwise stated. Where a Rugby Union match is postponed to a later day, all bets on the match shall be void.

This wager may be a point spread and/or a money line. All specified periods must be played to their completion or the wager will be refunded. Total Goals (over/under) – A wager on whether the total number of goals scored in a game is over or under a specified number.

Once a specified period is completed, that specified period wager will stand regardless of the length of the remainder of the game. Periods – Wagers on any specified period will be decided based on goals scored during the specified period only.

All players that have taken some part in the game before the next try is scored will be deemed runners. Only available In-Play. Anytime/Last Tryscorer 1. Bets will stand if a player takes any part in a game, no matter how long they play for.